Roof Repair Seattle

Whether you have a leaking roof or a sagging roof or a problem with the underlayment, flashing, ridge vent, felt, deck or shingles; no matter how great the problem is or how small Albertson Roofers have the perfect solution for you. Albertson Roofing specialists are certified to do their job and are fully insured to complete your services. There are different types of problems associated with flat roofs and angled roofs and since the layer exposed to you is only the outer one, leave the complicated job of finding the leak or fault to our professionals. The most easily diagnosed ones can be loose or missing slates, loose brackets, sagging or leaking gutters, weeds growing out in between the slates or in the gutter area, damaged drain pipes and spouts or a leaning chimney. Roof repair Seattle experts are bonded with full expertise and material products which eventually frees you of any responsibility related to construction material and design. Our roof designers and project managers consult all details related to roofing repair project with their clients and fully educate them about pros and cons associated with various roofing options. We have direct corporate association with suppliers, dealers and manufacturers of roofing materials and hence are able to provide discounted prices as compared to the market prices of many products.

Additionally, we offer discounted prices on package deals which are updated on our website consistently from time to time. Our services are not limited to new roofing projects but also include repair of damaged roof by hail, storm or rainwater seepage, replacement of old roofs with new ones, replacement of only damaged parts of roof and gutter/drain inspection and fixing.

  • Both flat and sloped roofing
  • Composition Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Standing seam roofing & metal roofing
  • Torch down roofing
  • TPO: PVC roofing
  • Roof Leak repairs
  • Hard to roof projects

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